MongoDB: Learn Administration And Security In MongoDB

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MongoDB: Learn Administration And Security In MongoDB

Completeguide for sharding, administration and security in MongoDB

Created by Digitorious Technologies

What you’ll learn

In this course on MongoDB Administration and Security, we’ll cover these topics:

MongoDB Sharding Mechanism

Types of Sharding

MongoDB Administration tools

Configuration and Backup in MongoDB

MongoDB monitoring Tools

Issues of Security in MongoDB

This course takes you through the basics and then dives deep into all aspects of managing MongoDB. This course also covers how MongoDB scales out using sharding mechanism.Who this course is for:

  • Students who wish to begin with mongodb administration can go for this course
  • professionals who want to secure their data residing in mongodb can also go for this course


MongoDB is the next-generation database that lets you do things you could never do before. This course on MongoDB Administration and Security provide specific step-by-step instructions for performing common MongoDB setup, maintenance, security and configuration operations.

SIZE: 3.50 GB

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